About Us


Family owned and operated IT service, with more than 20 years’ experience in IT industry. Our humble beginning was a 9-to-5 job, beside a little  individual solutions based on demand.

However, with the recent 2019/2020 pandemic, we have started our first transition step from on-site office work to remote office service which was quite slow and complicated process to work with different people in first few months, yet we have help many satisfied clients. Therefore, we have decided to proceed with our service journey forward as Altocan Service Corp!

Our target is small-to-medium business at various industry. We are working on building more success story by completing additional projects and expand our team force GLOBALLY.


Various IT service e.g. logo, websites, graphic design etc


Capitalize on Trending Storages, Powerful yet secure


Many projects was delivered and many more are to come.

On-Site Jobs

Data Entry, POS, Desktops, Server & Network support

Planning, Building IT Solutions

We have delivered many successful projects earlier  and we believe the IT demand will keep coming with different challenges and requirements.

Therefore, our service will be always their to help your business grow. 

Our Vision

Network with successful business lead and market segment to grow our business. 

Fees Structure

The prices of our products or services are specified in each business case.

– Managed Service
– Unmanaged Service 
– Custom Services: start from as small as (Domains , Hosting, Email, Sales & Marketing, SEO) and could go as big as ERP, Deployment, Rollout or Training and many more…

No obligations, no long tie subscription length, no surprises whatsoever.

Our Awesome Clients

Driving technology for leading brands
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